Who is Representing Your Business?

The definition of Customer Service, “Customer Service (also known as Client Services)…is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction…(or) has met the customer expectation.”
All businesses and companies that provide a product or service must have good, if not great customer service. When you hire an employee who will be your representative for your company, pick one that has a smile, a friendly voice, and verify with past employers that their customer service level exceeded expectations. If not, your business is doomed.

So, Why Exactly Is Your Business Doomed?

Let’s say you went through the drive through at a fast food restaurant, and the girl at the window puts her hand out the window for the money, gives you your change and your food, then shuts the door without saying one word to you. Is that service, or someone who enjoys her job. NO. She hates her job, wishes you would go away, and she’s only there for a pay check. So again, you go back next week to the same fast food restaurant, but there’s a different person. You need to add a drink to your order and the guy at the window rolls his eyes and says, “it’s too late”, or “yes but you need to make sure you order at the speaker next time.” He then shoves you the food, and the drink, then shuts the window. Would you go back again?

Doctor’s Vists

How about a trip to the family doctor, that has numerous nurses, but you keep getting that same nurse. You know, the one that could care less if it hurts, or your opinion on your own health, or makes you feel like your a wimp cause you can’t handle the pain of the blood pressure cuff that’s on your arm getting tighter and tighter till you feel bruises underneath it. Where’s the sympathy? Would you change family doctor’s, or let the doctor know how you feel?

A First Look At Your Company

Secretaries and Receptionist, the first person that your clientele see, shouldn’t she have a smile on her face and a friendly voice to go with it? Instead, your met with a grumpy, sarcastic women whose busy talking to her girlfriend on the phone and can’t put the phone down long enough to say, may I help you; Like your interrupting her day.

There should be a prerequisite to becoming a customer/client service representative. Whether you are a cashier, a nurse, or even an auto mechanic, there should be Customer Service 101 for all Business’s offered by a “Technical School” just for people who work with other people. Then use call centers as an internship program to show people how to smile even when they can’t see you. Although Call Center Representatives use a script to answer callers, in general they stay calm and polite, no matter what the situation. Attitude speaks for itself.

The Consumers Truth

I as a consumer, have no patience for representatives who can’t even give me a smile or can’t say “have a good day” when I visit their business. If you are having a bad day, guess what so is everyone else. Your friendly face and smile may help someone’s day get brighter. If you hate your job, quit, stop making everyone else around you miserable too. The quality and level of service, understanding of all your products and services, along with friendly service, will provide your company to grow. If you continue to provide poor customer service, your business will not grow and most will be looking for a new job, hopefully one that doesn’t provide customer service.

Customer Comments and Customer Feedback’s are a great source to know who and what is making your business clientele dwindle. Everyone should use these handy dandy notes cards and online options. Not only does it help the business, but it also helps you as a consumer


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