Internet vs. Television Advertising

he major TV Networks have in the past totally controlled programs which you are able to view. With the advent of the social boom the Internet now provides social networks that include online movies and video. The major television networks have much less control over your mind and their broadcasts for entertainment and more importantly advertising.

It has long been known that television’s audience will spend more time on the Internet than watching TV. People have found another means of entertainment by going to websites which seem to satisfy their specific interests more completely. The trend is now well established and is not very good news for the television networks.

The Internet simply offers viewers more and better choices and immediate satisfaction of finding the subjects they want to focus on at the moment. It is very apparent that the major TV networks no longer have what used to be kind of a monopoly on their viewers.

The impact of people using DVR’s also has led to fewer and fewer viewers watching television commercials. Market research indicates the effectiveness of TV ads is dwindling as a result.

Many DVR owners all are fast forwarding and skipping television commercials. With viewers now spending an average of four times longer on the Internet and accompanied with more viewers avoiding commercials this trend is not good for television’s advertising revenues.

Most of us do not like commercials and we find it irksome to have our favorite TV program interrupted by two minutes or more of commercials. Studies show that today most people ignore commercials even if they are watching them.

Major TV advertisers know full well that their advertising dollars on TV are not as an effective investment as they once were. The major players in advertising have been moving towards the Internet as a serious alternative means of advertising.

For thousands of people involved in Internet Marketing it is history making for this opportunity to share in the revenue that formally all went to major television networks. There is already a core group of Internet marketers being paid on a residual basis a substantial amount of advertising revenue. Many are affiliate marketers. These are everyday people that work usually from home on their own.

Advertising on the Internet is another way for advertisers to more specifically target their market. They can direct their advertising to web sites where viewer types are more likely to be interested in their product or service. Advertisers are able to use more effective tools of interest of users, demographics, and geographic locations.

Television’s advertising revenues are also dwindling because the Internet has been proven to be more cost effective than TV advertising. Profitability of advertising is referred to as ROI (return on investment). Advertising marketing analysts pay very close attention to these numbers.

The evolvement of the Internet and its role and change in our lives cannot be compared to any other form of media created throughout the history of mankind.