The Essentials of an Assistant

Many businesses today are going to web conferencing. Web conferencing can bring thousands of people together, at one time-saving loads of money in travel costs and venues. The quality of most web conferences is equal to that of a live event. People can interact with the host, putting forth questions and concerns. However, when hosting a web conference, you should seriously consider booking an assistant. Many have tried to do these conferences on their own only to crash and burn in disaster.
Hosting a web conference may look quite easy. Don’t be deceived; they can be very demanding and take a lot of organization. Web conferences take as much planning a preparation as any crucial presentation, and that is the approach that you need to take. If you’re the host, you want to come across, strong and confident. Having someone there to help you organize everything can help the conference go smoothly and set the right image for you.

Dealing With Technical Issues

We all have experienced computer or technical glitches. Even when everything seems to be going well, and there is no reason for something to go wrong, something always seems to. Unless you’re an expert in technology yourself, book an assistant that knows the ins and outs of all of the equipment that you are going to use. It makes no sense to plan a brilliant presentation only to have it ruined because of some small glitch in machinery. Having someone there to sort these problems out will give you peace of mind to get your presentation going well.

Web Conferences

When hosting a web conference, you will have to remember that your audience is potentially going to be quite large. You may be battered with questions and not have sufficient time to answer them all yourself. An assistant can help in this aspect as well. If they have studied the presentation and are familiar with the topic, they can help you get through the questions. That way, everyone feels their time was well spent by attending the web conference.

When hosting a web conference, take the time to book and brief an assistant. Things can get highly confusing, and it is always nice to have someone available to help. Technical problems can arise out of nowhere and have someone there to help sort these out will help things run smoothly. Finally, the question can all be answered with the help of a well-briefed assistant. If you have taken the time to prepare a web conference then get a good assistant, it will be well worth it.

Internet vs. Television Advertising

he major TV Networks have in the past totally controlled programs which you are able to view. With the advent of the social boom the Internet now provides social networks that include online movies and video. The major television networks have much less control over your mind and their broadcasts for entertainment and more importantly advertising.

It has long been known that television’s audience will spend more time on the Internet than watching TV. People have found another means of entertainment by going to websites which seem to satisfy their specific interests more completely. The trend is now well established and is not very good news for the television networks.

The Internet simply offers viewers more and better choices and immediate satisfaction of finding the subjects they want to focus on at the moment. It is very apparent that the major TV networks no longer have what used to be kind of a monopoly on their viewers.

The impact of people using DVR’s also has led to fewer and fewer viewers watching television commercials. Market research indicates the effectiveness of TV ads is dwindling as a result.

Many DVR owners all are fast forwarding and skipping television commercials. With viewers now spending an average of four times longer on the Internet and accompanied with more viewers avoiding commercials this trend is not good for television’s advertising revenues.

Most of us do not like commercials and we find it irksome to have our favorite TV program interrupted by two minutes or more of commercials. Studies show that today most people ignore commercials even if they are watching them.

Major TV advertisers know full well that their advertising dollars on TV are not as an effective investment as they once were. The major players in advertising have been moving towards the Internet as a serious alternative means of advertising.

For thousands of people involved in Internet Marketing it is history making for this opportunity to share in the revenue that formally all went to major television networks. There is already a core group of Internet marketers being paid on a residual basis a substantial amount of advertising revenue. Many are affiliate marketers. These are everyday people that work usually from home on their own.

Advertising on the Internet is another way for advertisers to more specifically target their market. They can direct their advertising to web sites where viewer types are more likely to be interested in their product or service. Advertisers are able to use more effective tools of interest of users, demographics, and geographic locations.

Television’s advertising revenues are also dwindling because the Internet has been proven to be more cost effective than TV advertising. Profitability of advertising is referred to as ROI (return on investment). Advertising marketing analysts pay very close attention to these numbers.

The evolvement of the Internet and its role and change in our lives cannot be compared to any other form of media created throughout the history of mankind.

Who is Representing Your Business?

The definition of Customer Service, “Customer Service (also known as Client Services)…is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction…(or) has met the customer expectation.”
All businesses and companies that provide a product or service must have good, if not great customer service. When you hire an employee who will be your representative for your company, pick one that has a smile, a friendly voice, and verify with past employers that their customer service level exceeded expectations. If not, your business is doomed.

So, Why Exactly Is Your Business Doomed?

Let’s say you went through the drive through at a fast food restaurant, and the girl at the window puts her hand out the window for the money, gives you your change and your food, then shuts the door without saying one word to you. Is that service, or someone who enjoys her job. NO. She hates her job, wishes you would go away, and she’s only there for a pay check. So again, you go back next week to the same fast food restaurant, but there’s a different person. You need to add a drink to your order and the guy at the window rolls his eyes and says, “it’s too late”, or “yes but you need to make sure you order at the speaker next time.” He then shoves you the food, and the drink, then shuts the window. Would you go back again?

Doctor’s Vists

How about a trip to the family doctor, that has numerous nurses, but you keep getting that same nurse. You know, the one that could care less if it hurts, or your opinion on your own health, or makes you feel like your a wimp cause you can’t handle the pain of the blood pressure cuff that’s on your arm getting tighter and tighter till you feel bruises underneath it. Where’s the sympathy? Would you change family doctor’s, or let the doctor know how you feel?

A First Look At Your Company

Secretaries and Receptionist, the first person that your clientele see, shouldn’t she have a smile on her face and a friendly voice to go with it? Instead, your met with a grumpy, sarcastic women whose busy talking to her girlfriend on the phone and can’t put the phone down long enough to say, may I help you; Like your interrupting her day.

There should be a prerequisite to becoming a customer/client service representative. Whether you are a cashier, a nurse, or even an auto mechanic, there should be Customer Service 101 for all Business’s offered by a “Technical School” just for people who work with other people. Then use call centers as an internship program to show people how to smile even when they can’t see you. Although Call Center Representatives use a script to answer callers, in general they stay calm and polite, no matter what the situation. Attitude speaks for itself.

The Consumers Truth

I as a consumer, have no patience for representatives who can’t even give me a smile or can’t say “have a good day” when I visit their business. If you are having a bad day, guess what so is everyone else. Your friendly face and smile may help someone’s day get brighter. If you hate your job, quit, stop making everyone else around you miserable too. The quality and level of service, understanding of all your products and services, along with friendly service, will provide your company to grow. If you continue to provide poor customer service, your business will not grow and most will be looking for a new job, hopefully one that doesn’t provide customer service.

Customer Comments and Customer Feedback’s are a great source to know who and what is making your business clientele dwindle. Everyone should use these handy dandy notes cards and online options. Not only does it help the business, but it also helps you as a consumer


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Fundamentals, Finances, Frameworks & Forecasts: A Four-Directional Reinforcement

Fundamentals are inclusive of everything making up a country and its currency. A dynamic mix of distinct plans, erratic behaviors and unforeseen events, the fundamentals take under their jurisdiction everything between interest rates, central bank policies and natural disasters.
Speaking of fundamental analysis, it’s a great tool to study core elements that discretely influence – either by part or as a whole – a particular entity’s (stock, currency etc.) economy. Its attempts at analyzing several economic indicators (price action and trends, socio-political influences etc.) thus make predicting possible within set frameworks of business cycles. In simpler words, the clockwork of the markets moves on the gears and springs of fundamental analyses. Therefore, while anyone can tell the time, not everybody is a watchmaker. Perhaps this is what that gave traders the classifications of fundamental and technical, whereas the real benefit lies in a blended approach. Keeping an eye on the signals while staying updated on economic data and socio-political decisions is like pulling both the triggers at once.

But everything has a drawback and with fundamental analysis, it is an effective tool when forecasts are to be made on economic conditions; for exact market prices, however, you need to rely on the trader models using current and past empirical data. That makes it both an art and a science. However, one must understand not every development makes a certain currency move. Before you set your foot into it, identify the most influential contributors to make this mix work out smooth.

The skeptic shall still ask: “If it’s this simple, then why people face failure in the forex market?” The question is something like a double-edged sword; while answering the question is tough, looking at certain aspects may prove the same a piece of cake. A lot of blame can be put on the people who promote forex trading as the easiest way to make money; while this is true to the maximum extent, it bedims the risks in the public eye that this market is so (in) famous about. What most of us don’t understand is advantages in the forex market are subjected to a calculated approach; it’s not that you merely buy and sell the currencies to make your wallet inflate. Handled wrongly, these advantages have been noticed to land traders in trouble. So let’s see what people misinterpret.


24/7: The Forex market surely stays open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which make people think it to be a profit generating machine. But in reality, volatility doesn’t remain present on a 24/7 basis.


High Leverage: 100, 200 or 400x is a common thing in the forex market, but newcomers with mini accounts can easily get their respective accounts ripped off even by using a 100x margin in a single trade. Free resources don’t help much.


Getting rich in no time: Forex has earned the get rich quick epithet long time back, but in reality, forex trading is not for people who are not willing to invest time, energy and money. A few bucks may be sufficient to open an account and a high leverage is not everything that can help you make a fortune. Leverage is like a .50ACP; it just might fire the wrong way in inexperienced hands. Using it at a very high limit shall let you end your next millionaire dream real quick.

Of course there are other factors that cause Forex Titanic-s to capsize all in a sudden, but changing the mindset has been proven to be the life jackets saving many from untimely deaths.

Why the Majority of Home-based Businesses Fail

A home-based business does not avoid the same dangers as a traditional small business that’s operated in a shop or online; the majority still fail within the first few years.
But why do the majority of home-based businesses fail? This article will explore a few of the reasons why home businesses reach an early grave.

Reason 1: Failing to adapt or change

The rates in which businesses are created are astounding. Where one niche may have a single business; overnight it could have hundreds of competitors. Failing to adapt and change to the times or the demands of the market is usually one of the biggest reasons why the majority of home businesses fail within a few short years.

Reason 2: Using tired business methods

Using business practices from twenty years ago will spell certain doom for a business today. Even using practices from two years ago can severely gimp the chances of a business from succeeding. You have to keep current with the time and use current business practices in order to compete on a global level which must include an online presence.

Reason 3: Expanding too quickly

Incidentally enough, expanding too quickly can mean the death of a business. As home businesses expand; work may become an overload and the resulting effect is less products shipping out the door, unneeded employees or complete burn-out.

Reason 4: Failing to deliver a needed product

A market will only demand a product that it needs; if the market doesn’t have a need for a product your home business offers than it will be the end of its short run. Only launch a home-based business if it can fulfill a demand or need within a market; this ensures that it will start on the right foot.

Reason 5: Overcomplicating everything

The term analysis paralysis means that there is so much information being present that people don’t take action; they are paralyzed by the choice. In many ways, analysis paralysis happens to the majority of home-based business owners because there are so many opportunities to jump upon.

Choosing one niche and giving it your 100% will help ensure that your business will be a success or at least have a long run as opposed to those that overcomplicate their business by adding on more and more work.


Just because the majority of home-based business fail doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue your own endeavors. Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the reasons within this post to give your home business a greater chance of success.