Postage Stamps & Crafts

If your kids are lucky enough to receive real mail, they may also be holding onto the postage stamps. Here is a simple and fun craft they can make with the stamps. Preschoolers and school-aged children love to receive real physical mail in the mailbox from friends and family.
Kids and Mail

Even kids who love technology enjoy receiving tangible items, from postcards to letters and magazines. Enlist the help of your family and friends and ask them to send postcards when they go on vacation, or to send the occasional letter or card to your child.

Save the cancelled stamps from your children’s mail and your own. You can also always buy stamps from a store near you, they are quite inexpensive. You can also ask neighbors or friends for their stamps. Children can also trade the postage stamps with siblings or friends, to build theme collections. Birds are an obvious choice. Once you have a small collection of stamps (you only need six for this project), you can help your child make the postage stamp woodblock.

Supplies for Creating the Postage Stamps Woodblock Craft

  • One wooden block – You can buy a wood block from the local arts and crafts store or discount store. This is also a way to recycle old wooden blocks that children have outgrown. Use your own, or pick up some at the local thrift store or a yard sale. It won’t matter if the set is missing letters or if the wood block set is not complete, you only need one block per craft. If you are reusing wooden blocks, clean them and paint them white first.
  • Kids could also use wood block scraps from a wood workshop, as long as the wood has been sanded.
  • Paint – Poster paints or acrylic paints (older kids only, with supervision) work best. Watercolor paints are not the best choice.
  • Paintbrush and Paper Plate
  • Newspapers, plastic tablecloth to protect the table
  • Old Postage Stamps – If you lack old and used postage stamps, you can always buy new ones from CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or the UPS store. A single stamp is inexpensive and well worth the fun and time for this project.

How Kids Can Make Postage Stamps Woodblock Craft

1. Let the child pick out some paint colors and squeeze out some paint onto their paper plate palette.

2. Direct the child to paint each side of the block. The child can create patterns, paint each side a different color or blend colors directly on the block. It’s okay to leave the bottom square unpainted for now.

3. Have the child wipe or wash their hands.

4. Give the child the stamps and show them how to stick the stamps directly onto the wet paint. If the paint has dried, you can add a dot more or use glue. Let the child place the stamps on the block. Let the block dry.

5. Help the child finish the block by turning it over and painting the bottom. Add another postage stamp.